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How Does a Bankruptcy Affect my Credit?

One of the prime reasons that many people decide not to file for bankruptcy protection is a perceived harmful impact on their credit. Why perceived? It is true, a bankruptcy will stay on your credit report for 10 years. Nevertheless, not filing bankruptcy will allow your debts to grow, become charged off, and be sent to a collection agency. The fact is, despite the consequences of filing a bankruptcy, it will often improve a person’s credit situation, not harm it.

4 Common Myths About Bankruptcy

Many people share some common misunderstandings and misconceptions about bankruptcy. Moreover, these myths can impact their ability to make good decisions. A consultation with Harris S. Ammerman Esq., a bankruptcy attorney in Virginia, Maryland and Washington, D.C., can help you fully understand bankruptcy. In the meantime, today’s article addresses some of the most common myths about bankruptcy.

Can a Debt Collector Demand Payment from my Family?

There are many horror stories people will tell about debt collectors. One of the more terrifying is when a debt collector calls a family member, demanding payment from them. While most professionals will not employ such unscrupulous tactics, it is not unheard of. That said, the only time when a creditor or collector can rightly demand payment from a family member is if that person is a party to the debt. If the debt is from a joint account, or the family member co-sighed, then a collector may seek payment.