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Can a Debt Collector Demand Payment from my Family?

There are many horror stories people will tell about debt collectors. One of the more terrifying is when a debt collector calls a family member, demanding payment from them. While most professionals will not employ such unscrupulous tactics, it is not unheard of. That said, the only time when a creditor or collector can rightly demand payment from a family member is if that person is a party to the debt. If the debt is from a joint account, or the family member co-sighed, then a collector may seek payment.

Should I File Bankruptcy If I Just Lost My Job?

There are many frequently asked questions regarding bankruptcy. One that is of great concern is when a person has recently lost his job. Many people, even those with lucrative salaries, live almost paycheck to paycheck and with little savings. They have mortgages, car loans, and credit card debt that can quickly overtake them if they become unemployed, even for a short period. Therefore, today, we are answering the question, “Should I file bankruptcy if I just lost my job?”

Should I File for Divorce or Bankruptcy First?

Unfortunately, all too often, divorce and bankruptcy seem to go hand in hand. Financial problems are one of the commonly cited reasons for breaking up couples and families. Consequently, one of the most frequently asked client questions is, “Should I file for divorce or bankruptcy first?” If you plan ahead, you can ensure both will move more smoothly and be less costly. While the answer is ultimately based on your individual circumstances, it is always better to perform one before the other, rather than trying to file both simultaneously.

Why You Must Review Your Credit Report Before Filing Bankruptcy

Have you seen the television commercials about the importance of reviewing your credit report annually? We live in a world where good credit is a valuable commodity. You need to ensure your information is up to date, the account histories are correct, and no one has falsely opened credit in your name. However, it is also essential to review your credit reports before filing bankruptcy.