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Discover Important Bankruptcy Facts You Need to Know

Everyone agrees that bankruptcy is scary. Yet, when the bills start to become too much to handle, it is very often a necessary activity. One often has a helpless feeling as they are flooded with collection calls and letters. Regardless, for many, bankruptcy does provide a solution. Nevertheless, despite the benefits, there are some drawbacks. Today’s article provides some fast but important bankruptcy facts you need to know.

How often can I file for bankruptcy?

Recently, a past client came to our offices asking, “How often can I file for bankruptcy?” Some may find this surprising. We may not see it on Wall Street, but the U.S. economy has struggled for a long time. So, it is not uncommon for a person to go through cycles of doing well, only to have their rug pulled from under them. While at one time multiple bankruptcies in a lifetime were unheard of, today it is not surprising. Nevertheless, the law does place some limits on filing multiple bankruptcies.

What Is a Bankruptcy Means Test?

Do you want to completely wipe out your debt? When many people think of bankruptcy, they believe it as a way of completely erasing their debt. However, for the most part, bankruptcy provides two pathways. There is the liquidation of debt under Chapter 7, but there is also a court-supervised debt repayment plan with Chapter 13. At one time, a person could simply choose which path they wanted to take. Since 2005, bankruptcy law demands that many who can repay their debt file a Chapter 13, instead of a Chapter 7. This change spawned the creation of the means test.